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Adoption of green building norms in redevelopment of govt colonies suggested

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The Parliamentary Committee on Urban Development has suggested adoption of green building norms and in-house solid and liquid waste management facilities as envisaged in the Master Plan of Delhi-2021 in all redevelopment of government housing colonies. It may be noted that under 6A of CPWD Works Manual 2014, all CPWD constructions are executed as green buildings and with specification of three star building. In all new redevelopment of colonies, green building norms are also being followed including Rain Water Harvesting and Sewerage Treatment Plant.

The Committee has also taken the government to task for burgeoning gap between demand and availability of accommodation. As against the huge demand 1.36lakh accommodation for Government officials in General Pool, the actual availability was only 97,000 with likely availability of over 16,000 accommodations through a re-development process. The Committee wanted Ministry to explore a system for completing the desired work expeditiously in time bound manner and minimize the financial burden on the Government. The Committee suggested that department should make real time assessment of requirement so that availability of houses to Government officials is made by taking requisite measures for completion.

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