Affordable houses built on Lego bricks

Affordable houses built on Lego bricks

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As a kid you might have used Lego to build homes which later on might have become your aspiration in life to achieve. But Hav Kongngy in Cambodia has used the same concept to build real homes and that too at affordable prices! My Dream Home, a company set up by him, develops the most affordable houses in Cambodia.  

My Dream Home develops interlocking bricks similar to the concept behind the famous Lego bricks. The bricks are made from local materials that are abundant everywhere in Cambodia. When put together to form a building, interlocking bricks use less cement, are less labour intensive, take less time and – most importantly – are 20-40% cheaper than traditional bricks. While an average house in Cambodia costs $ 25,000, house developed by My Dream Home using ‘Lego Bricks’ concept costs $ 9,000 to $ 19000 depending upon the area of the house. In addition, the bricks are more resistant to strong winds, pests, and fire.

But Hav Kongngy wants to bring the cost of construction further down. So, he is not selling the houses anymore but teaching those, who want house, how to build one, using interlocking bricks concept. By doing this he wants to bring down the cost by another 20-30%.  

In India too, we can mimic Hav Kongngy to make the houses really affordable to the poor.