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Aquarium at PPT to be upgraded

Paradip Port, which is 2nd among the major ports in India, is planning to upgrade its aquarium. The aquarium, which has wide variety of marine and freshwater species, along with Mahanadi Confluence point, Smruti Udyan fitted with musical fountain, marine aquarium, marine museum and a lush green Golf Course have become major tourist attraction with many visitors visiting these places daily. According to Paradip Port Trust (PPT) by upgrading the aquarium more visitors can be attracted.

At present the aquarium contains 28 fish tanks among which 14 are having sweet water fishes and another 14 are having saline water fishes. PPT itself is looking after daily maintenance of the aquarium including replenishment of fishes on regular basis. PPT wants to upgrade/renovate the aquarium with latest expertise to have an aquarium of international standard.

The proposed renovation/ modification will be designed in such a manner so that the blowers, decorative and ornamental items, like temperature control heater, proper salinity of the water meter, maintenance of the machines are also accommodated within it. Design will also be provided for suitable arrangement of electrical wiring, eco-friendly materials in habitat for the live fishes with their day to day feeding, treatment/ replenishment of dead fishes, lighting arrangements.

The PPT is currently looking out for a suitable consultant to carry out the job including provision of detailed designing for audible sound system for existing 28 Nos. of tanks, and any other suitable method for upgradation.

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