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As warmer summer expected, AC manufacturers ready for the kill

Seasonal outlook for the temperatures during March to May, 2021 issued by National Weather Forecasting Centre of the India Meteorological Department (IMD) might have already caused sweating for many but there is one sector which may welcome the news with both hands. Yes, for country’s cooling industry which was badly affected by last year’s lockdown this news will be a music to the ears.

The weather forecast for March-May predicts likelihood of above normal seasonal maximum temperatures over most of the subdivisions of north, northwest and northeast India, few subdivisions from eastern and western parts of central India and few coastal subdivisions of north peninsular India.

AC manufacturers thrive on hot summer when most of the sales for them take place. In fact, AC manufacturers sell most of their units between mid-March and Mid-June and this year the industry hopes to cover, at least partially, the loss of business due to last year’s lockdown.

Meanwhile, most of the AC manufacturers have hiked the prices of their units to absorb the increased cost of production due to increase in metal prices. Window AC has seen the highest price hike in the last two months as the manufacturers hiked the prices by nearly 20%. On the other hand, prices of fixed speed split AC have gone up by 10% and inverter AC by around 8%.

March is an important month for AC industry as the recouping of the stock of the new units usually takes place during the second half of March. Usually, new season for the industry begins post Holi festival and lasts till mid-June.

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