Badshapur Qila may be restored

Badshapur Qila may be restored

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Badshapur Qila, a Mughal-era fort at Badshapur near Gurgaon, may be restored to its original condition.

The Qila (fort) – one of the most significant historical and archaeological sites in the region, had been completely neglected by the Haryana state archaeology department all these years and had been turned into an unauthorised colony. Presently, of the Palace, only a broken wall on the eastern side remains. An unauthorised colony has come up where there was a tunnel and mazaar earlier.

The site also had a stepwell which has now been privately owned by an individual. Efforts by the Gurgaon Chapter of INTACH to restore the stepwell have turned futile.

The Archaeology Department of Haryana has now reportedly told those who have encroached the land to vacate. However, for the department removing the encroachment would be greater problem than restoration of the site. Archaeological department is now conducting the survey of the area and is preparing the list of every one living on the encroached land.

Badshapur Qila, spread over 17 acres of land, was the abode of one of the wives of Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar. The Badshah was a frequent visitor to the fort. The fort is located just nine kilometers away from Gurgaon.