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Bhubaneswar moves to tackle debris menace

Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) has decided to deal with the menace of construction waste through stricter rules and severe punishment. Currently, the BMC is standardising the rules to deal with the construction materials dumped on the roads and other public property. As per the proposed rules, BMC will either auction or hand over the debris found on roads to the authorised agencies empanelled by the civic body. It is being planned that the enforcement officer will seize the material on the spot and hand it over to the authorised agencies. Besides, showcause notices will be issued to institutions including schools which dump construction and demolition waste on roads. Increasing instance of dumping of debris and construction materials on roads and drains has clogged the passage of stormwater.

Recently, BMC Commissioner himself made a field visit to assess the situation and found several instances of construction waste/materials dumped on the roads. The Commissioner has issued showcause notice to some of the offenders to send a strong signal to the culprits who have the habit of using public property for their private use. BMC has decided to enhance its surveillance mechanism to prevent the habitual offenders from using the roads to dump debris and cause hardship to the public.

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