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BMC plans ‘Debris on call’ service

The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) plans to start ‘debris on call’ service for which it is looking out for suitable party to handle the task. The proposed plan when implemented will not only prevent illegal dumping of debris but also will help to develop an economically viable and environmentally sustainable system for processing and recycling of Construction and Demolition (C&D) Waste.

Around 1200 tons of C&D waste per day (TPD) is being generated in the 24 wards of Mumbai. Hence MCGM proposes 600 TPD x 2 C&D waste processing plant. “MCGM is committed for finding a sustainable solution for C&D waste management, as there is no land available for disposing this material in sanitary landfills,” says the spokesperson of the Corporation. The Successful Bidder will be provided land of one hectare per module of 600 TPD in MCGM limit to run operate and maintain the plant for 20 years.

The project envisages providing a viable and cost effective solution to public and C&D waste generators to be able to legally and properly dispose their C&D waste which they can avail. Once the option / Solution is made available to the public it is much easier and tenable for MCGM to initiate actions against defaulters, i.e., who dump illegally, to prevent unauthorized dumping and force the generators to utilize the available service.

Concessionaire will assist MCGM in reducing illegal dumping and maximize the penalties from the violators / defaulters. For this purpose, concessionaire will at its own cost collect information about persons doing illegal dumping of C&D waste along with evidences against them so that MCGM can take necessary legal action. The Concessionaire will also be responsible for the collection and transportation of C&D waste to the processing facility.

To ensure the prompt lifting of C&D waste, ‘Scheduled/On Demand Collection System’ will be implemented by the operator via a 24 x 7 tollfree helpline number for residents or MCGM / any other agency in MCGM area. A control room at the treatment facility will also be set up to monitor the entire operation right from collection till disposal. Control room will work 365 days, 24 x 7. Arrangements will be made to ensure that requests/complaints received are addressed within 24 hours. It will also be ensured that C&D waste is lifted within 24 hrs from the receipt of complaint / payment.

There will be Vehicle Tracking Management System (VTMS) installed on each vehicle used for collection & transportation of C&D waste and disposal of post processing rejects.

Finally, a C&D waste management facility will be set up at designated site along with required site development work(s) such as construction of site office, boundary wall/appropriate fencing, drainage work, electricity [inside and outside the processing unit] etc. A combination of technologies that includes crushing, screening, and separation etc. that will maximize waste treatment and would ensure no more than 5 % of input waste is sent to the landfill will be installed. The rejects shall be disposed off by the concessionaire at the MCGM’s designated sites. ‘Wet Process technology’ will be used for processing of C&D waste to minimize nuisance due to excessive dust generated during processing activity.

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