BPAS fails again

BPAS fails again

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Rajasthan government’s ambitious plan to make building plan approval process online has come a cropper once again. Building Plan Approval System (BPAS), a plan under the Smart Raj project to provide relief to thousands of residents in urban local bodies (ULB)in the state, has failed to take off once again. In fact, this is the second time the system has failed to do the online processing of building plans. As a result, officials in the ULBs are still accepting applications offline.

It may be recalled here that in April 2015, the directorate of local bodies (DLB) had appointed Fourth Dimension Solutions Pvt Ltd for launching the BPAS in 191 urban local bodies (ULB) in a phased manner. It had also been assigned the task of conducting a survey of existing properties in these local bodies. As per the agreement the first phase of the BPAS implementation in 32 local bodies had to start in February 2017. In the second phase, it had to implement the system in 43 ULBs. And the remaining ULBs had be covered in the third and final phase of the project.

The private agency first tried to launch the system in June 2016 but the system failed to take off as the ULBs highlighted practical problems in implementing the online system. Again, last year in October re-launch of the system was tried but met with the same fate as previous attempt. Since then prospective building owners have been eagerly waiting for the launching of the system which was aimed at enhancing the ‘ease of doing business.’

As per the BPAS, the building plan approval process has to be completed within 30 days. And if the approval is sought under the fast-track process, it has to be issued in 24 hours. The applicant can proceed with the construction after depositing due charges. But all these things can happen only when BPAS is successfully launched.