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BPCL to undertake unique green offic eprogram

Bharat Petroleum Corporation’s Mumbai Refinery is taking Green movement to its heart and also to the heart of its employees. To achieve this objective, BPCL-MR  is appointing a  consultant for carrying out sustainability development programs i.e., Tree plantation drives, Green Office Program, gamification of employee engagement, e-learning programs etc., at BPCL-MR.

“Every year, “World Environment Day”, is celebrated at BPCL Mumbai Refinery with full enthusiasm and passion. During this week, various initiatives & programs are carried out that includes tree plantation, environment quiz, exhibitions of environment friendly product, movies on environment awareness, guest lectures etc. The motto of this drive is to strengthen the awareness of “World Environment Day”. One of the most effective way for company to help protect the environment is by raising employee awareness about Climate Change and other environmental issues and simultaneously educating employees about the ways to address these so that they are encouraged to follow and implement best practices both at the office and at home. Strategies that try to reduce Green House Gas emissions by focusing on low-hanging fruits like energy and resource conservation can only be successful with the help of an educated and motivated employee,” says BPCL.

BPCL-MR is undertaking a unique green office program and urban afforestation wherein it plans to  educate its employees about the significance of green environment and also undertake partial responsibility of urban afforestation.

Through employee engagement program the company intends to communicate with employees about environment awareness issues through posters, online portals and in-house newsletters, frequent training, seminars and presentations. This information and training will then be coupled with in-house campaigns and activities that will help employees get a better understanding of sustainable practices through hands-on experiences. Under this program a series of informative and interactive workshops for BPCL employees will be held. Following the implementation of the employee engagement program, employees will be encouraged to implement campaigns in the office space on their own.

Under urban afforestation program, sites in Mumbai and predominantly in suburban areas which can be easily accessed by road and public transport will be identified for tree plantation. The company will engage its employees for the task of planting trees in identified sites which will be mostly in Mumbai and Maharashtra.

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