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BSI, COA sign MoU to popularise bamboo use in building sector

Bamboo Society of India (BSI) and Council of Architecture (COA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to mainstream bamboo in building sector. The MoU was signed by Habeeb Khan, President, COA, Delhi; and Neelam Manjunath, Chairman, Steering Committee, Architects, BSI (HQ), Bangalore. BSI through its seven state chapters aims at promoting the holistic growth of bamboo sector in India.

The MoU aims at introducing bamboo as a mainstream material for building and related sectors for all kinds of buildings, infrastructure, rural development etc through awareness programmes, seminars, workshops, short courses etc.

The five main areas of collaboration envisaged are identification of research priority areas and networking for bamboo as a mainstream building material, developing centre for bamboo technology and design development; education, skill development and training of faculty, students through course development, training programmes and skilling workshops; initiate and support student projects in research and design development in the identified priority areas. documentation of traditional knowledge; dissemination through publications in print and media, exhibitions, seminar and conferences; and material resource and linkages for availability of bamboo and bamboo-based knowledge and technologies for the industry.

The MoU takes into consideration the traditional knowledge of rural and tribal communities and aims at utilising them and providing livelihood security through developing bamboo sector. The other objectives include human resource generation for bamboo building sector through structured courses of varying durations and levels in various modes to fulfil ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ and ‘Make in India’ initiatives of the Government of India. Further it aims at developing ‘innovative, contextual, and practical knowledge’ to design appropriate and unique structures to give required impetus to bamboo-based buildings. As per the MoU, BSI will participate and manage the COA Centre for Bamboo Technology and Design Development at various locations.

These centres will have classrooms, well-equipped workshops building with treatment and processing facility, demonstration, and exhibition area including open ground for experiments. BSI will develop course content of various levels and durations for building sector, that is, architects and other building professionals from nursery plantation to material properties, engineering, design, and applications in architecture and product development for building sector for inclusion in under-graduate and post-graduate levels with approval and consent of COA.

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