CBRI develop process to convert demolition waste to material

CBRI develop process to convert demolition waste to material

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Researchers at Central Building Research Institute (CBRI), Roorkee, have developed a processing method which can effectively recycle demolition wastes. According to the scientists of CBRI, by using this process demolition wastes like bricks, tiles and blocks can be used in recycled aggregate concrete (RAC). RAC is a low cost building material which can help in bringing down the construction cost. According to the CBRI scientists, by using this process and material, the construction cost can be reduced by 40%.

The CBRI scientists have carried out several trials of the RAC developed using this process and tests have found that its characteristics like durability, strength and energy consumption were almost equal to those building components which are being made from fresh (non-recycled) materials. A committee of five experts had reviewed the project last year and had noted that they were “satisfied at the research work done.”

India is generating 23.75 million tons of demolition wastes annually, out of which, only 3-4% has been reused. The process developed by CBRI if commercialized can solve multiple problems of disposal of demolition waste, conservation of resources and savings in cost. 

The Central Building Research Institute, Roorkee, has been at the forefront of generating, cultivating and promoting building science and technology in the service of the country. Since its inception in 1947, the Institute has been assisting the building construction and building material industries in finding timely, appropriate and economical solutions to the problems of building materials, health monitoring and rehabilitation of structures, disaster mitigation, fire safety, energy efficient rural and urban housing.