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Cement prices set to rise further

After remaining relatively calm in March, cement prices went up in April and are set for another hike in May. April saw Rs 10-50 per bag hike in various markets and interestingly, there was not much rollback this time. As a result, cement prices touched all time high of Rs 402/bag.

Cement prices across Central and North region have moved up by RS 35-50 per bag in April while Eastern region has reported hikes of RS 20-40 per bag. In Central region, prices rose by RS 40-50 per bag in Uttar Pradesh while in Madhya Pradesh they were up by RS 35-40 per bag. In North India, prices in Delhi were up by RS 50 per bag, followed by RS 40 per bag in Rajasthan and RS 35 per bag in Punjab. In Eastern region, West Bengal registered the highest price hike of RS 40 per bag, followed by RS 30 per bag each in Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand. Bihar and Odisha witnessed price rise of RS 20 per bag each.

On the other hand, South India displayed relatively milder price rise as the initial hikes of April were rolled back almost fully due to lack of production discipline among the manufacturers in the South. Consequently, South India underperformed other regions with an increase of a mere Rs 4 per bag MoM in average price hike. Overall, prices in Karnataka and Kerala were up by Rs 10 per bag each while in other markets in the South prices remained almost flat.

In the West, Gujarat saw price hike of Rs 35/bag while in Maharashtra rise was moderate. In Mumbai region it went up by Rs 10/bag while in other parts of the state it was up by Rs 5/bag.

Since cost inflation is showing no signs of abating and demand momentum gaining strength, analysts expect cement manufacturers to go for Rs 10-35/bag price hike again in May. And this price hike may come early in the month.

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