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Cement pricing issue with Chhattisgarh govt may be resolved soon

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Cement manufacturers and suppliers in Chhattisgarh are hopeful of resolving the cement pricing issue with the state government soon. “We are in dialogue with the state government” said an official of a cement manufacturing company on the condition of anonymity. Cement industry is hoping that some agreement will be arrived at with the state government before the end of this year.  

In April-May cement price had gone up to Rs 250 level from around Rs 210-15 per bag which was the price prevailing in January 2017. This was when the state government jumped into action and capped the price at Rs 230 per bag. However, cement manufacturers in the state claim that cement price in January had dipped drastically due to demand contraction post demonetization. And the prices reached their pre-demonetization level in April-May as the demand had picked up by then. Price at Rs 230 a bag is the lowest in the East India and manufacturers claim that cement price is much higher in neighboring West Bengal and Odisha.

Also, some suppliers complain, on the condition of anonymity, that as a result of strict enforcement of overloading rule logistics cost too has gone up in the state. In some cities of Chhattisgarh like Raipur and Bilaspur loading more than one ton in smaller trucks is not permitted which too is a source of grouse for the cement suppliers in the state.

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