CEPT program on Historic Masonry Structures

CEPT program on Historic Masonry Structures

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Center for Professional Development (CPD) of CEPT University will be conducting five-day professional program on Historic  Masonry Structures – Materials, Structure & Conservation at CEPT Research and Consultancy Foundation. The program will be held from March 5th to 9th and civil engineers, architects, conservators and archaeologists are eligible to attend. Individuals employed in public sector bodies like State Archaeology Departments, PWDs, local govt. (municipal bodies), etc., responsible for conservation and maintenance of historic buildings will be given preference. The workshop will be conducted by faculty members of CEPT University along with practicing professionals with vast experience in the field.

Increasing popularity of cement, steel and other modern materials from 20th Century onwards saw a gradual decline in use of traditional building materials and techniques, leading to loss of skills and practice of their use to a large extent. Today, the lack of this knowledge has become a critical challenge for the conservation and continued maintenance of historic buildings.

This 5 day capacity building workshop aims to introduce participants to a scientific understanding of historic building materials, techniques and construction systems that can help them in ensuring sympathetic interventions on built heritage through use of compatible repair materials. The workshop will provide hands on learning through field visits, laboratory testing and practical sessions with master craftsmen.

The Center for Professional Development (CPD) at CEPT Research and Consultancy offers professional development and continuing education opportunities for professionals and in-service persons across multiple disciplines – involving the built habitat.