Chandigarh to issue OC on self-certification

Chandigarh to issue OC on self-certification

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Chandigarh Union Territory Administration has moved one step further in achieving ease of doing business. Now the building owner can obtain occupation certificates through self-certification by the owner and the architect. The system will be first introduced for commercial buildings and later for residential and industrial.

Though the citizen charter says that occupation certificate is to be approved in 20 days, presently, it takes around two to three months in getting the certificate from the competent authority due to red-tapism. However, once the new rule is introduced citizens will be relieved of the stress of running from pillar to post to obtain the certificate.

According to proposed new system, the owner will have to submit an application to competent authority for grant of occupation certificate along with completion drawings, completion certificate and other documents. Along with application, owner has to give details of compoundable violations from the approved building plans, if any in the building, duly signed by the owner, architect and structural engineer. Further, photographs of front, side, rear setbacks, front and rear elevation of the building have also to be submitted with the application. Both the owner and architect will have to give a self-certification that no provision of the Chandigarh Building (Amendment) Rules (Urban) 2018 has been violated excluding compoundable violations. The competent authority will issue an occupation certificate after receiving application duly complete in all respects and accompanied with the required documents.

Again, the architect has an extra responsibility to ensure that construction is done as per the laid down building norms. He will be held responsible in case the certificate furnished by him with regard to construction as per the building rules is found to be false.