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Chennai Metro uses station ventilation fans with advanced air exchange systems

Chennai Metro which is the fourth largest metro system in India has installed advanced modern front end drives to support the metro line’s ventilation system and platform cooling. These drives are used together with electric motors for the effective control of tunnel ventilation fans. They are integral in the operation of advanced air exchange systems in the stations and tunnels, ensuring passengers’ comfort and saving energy in normal operation as well as contributing in safe evacuation, smoke extract and fire fighting in case of emergency. These drives are a part of ABB’s HVAC offering designed to meet the highest level of safety, reliability and energy efficiency requirements.

The dedicated voltage boost feature of these drives addresses voltage-drop issues caused by long cables in the tunnel network. With this feature, fans are always able to provide a nominal air flow without a need for any external equipment to compensate voltage drop. This brings enormous cost benefits to the project.

Almost non-existent harmonics, thanks to the drives’ active front end design, mitigate the risk of the network overload, ensuring continuous ventilation and efficient power supply.

The ‘fireman’s override’ feature allows VSDs on smoke extraction and pressurization fans to maintain safe escape routes for the passengers, ignoring non-critical faults and warnings e.g., due to too high temperature. In the event of a fire, this mode is usually triggered with a special key at the fireman’s control station.

ABB has played a key role in transforming the intra-city metro transportation system in the country by providing an extensive array of products and systems for wayside power and onboard requirement.

From building the world’s most powerful ventilation system for the Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland to powering the world’s tallest tower – Burj Khalifa in Dubai, ABB has been a part of some of the iconic infrastructure projects around the world. These projects not only improve transportation affecting the lives of people, but have become icons of development, creating an equilibrium of human, machine and nature for sustainability.

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