CO2 can be converted into building material

CO2 can be converted into building material

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Carbon Capture Machine (UK) Ltd, a University of Aberdeen spin-out company is aiming to commercialise technology developed by researchers at the University of Aberdeen which can convert greenhouse gas emissions into valuable products such as building materials. This technology is capable of converting carbon dioxide emissions into carbonates for use in products such as plastics, adhesives, cements, concretes and other construction materials.

“By de-carbonising at source and converting CO2 into sustainable products and materials we can have a major impact in reducing global CO2 levels,” says Dr Mohammed Imbabi from the University’s School of Engineering and Emeritus Professor Fred Glasser, Chair in Chemistry who conceived and developed the technology over several years. The Carbon Capture Machine team was formed at the University in 2016, and comprises a multi-disciplinary group of academics.

As a team, we firmly believe that what we are developing here in Aberdeen has the potential to be a game-changer in carbon capture and utilisation,” said Dr Mohammed Imbabi.

Dr Imbabi says that the team’s initial aim in developing the technology was to deploy it for use in large-scale industrial settings, de-carbonising at source from power stations, factories, and other major CO2 sources. In the future, we envisage that it can also be scaled down and miniaturised for use across a wide range of emission sources, from different transport platforms to people’s homes.