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Construction work on new island in Qatar starts

Construction works for new island, Gewan Island, started in Qatar last week when United Development Company (UDC) held a ceremonial concrete pouring to announce the launch of the project. Works will be undertaken for Crystal Residence’s 15 mixed-use buildings and the climatised outdoor Crystal Walkway, the island’s retail hub.

Crystal Residence’s low-rise buildings sit at the heart of Gewan Island within a vibrant commercial and residential district, with unobstructed sea views from one side and the lively Crystal Walkway from the other. Crystal Residence will be completed in 2022 and will have 586 apartment units from one to four bedrooms, 101 public retail, entertainment and dining outlets, comprehensive leisure facilities for residents, and 1,456 underground car parks.

Sustainability will be at the core of the project which includes reducing the use of vehicles by encouraging walking and biking through dedicated pedestrian and cycling networks. The island also implements a centralised waste collection system that is both environmentally friendly and cost-efficient.

Further, care has been taken to design Crystal Residence to reduce urban heat by incorporating green roofs, shading, and reflective surfaces, and adopting a close-knit layout of buildings and underground car parks to ensure well-shaded streets and public areas, creating a cooler microclimate within the development. Other measures like use of energy saving LED lamps and intelligent home automation for better lighting controllability will be part of the design.

Priority is given in the design to daylighting distribution within interior spaces to reduce the reliance on electric lighting. Indoor space environments have also been insulated with optimised acoustic requirements in order to efficiently treat sources of noise from space to space.

Several energy conservation measures will also be taken like high levels of insulation to reduce the energy required for cooling, use of environmentally friendly district cooling technology, use of low water consumption plumbing fixtures and specification of energy efficient appliances in residential units.

Gewan Island project involves development of an island spanning across 400,000 square meters. Located next to the Pearl-Qatar, the project will accommodate 3,000 residents and 6,000 visitors, including working professionals, bringing the total number of daily visitors to 9,000. The island will be home to 611 units, including 558 apartments, 26 waterfront villas, 21 beachfront villas, and 6 island villas in addition to 21,000-sq.m of retail space and a number of residential buildings.

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