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DDA plans Theme Park in East Delhi

The Delhi Development Authority is planning a theme based Park at Sanjay Lake, Trilokpuri, East Delhi which will be a Light + Sound + Water based park. Proposed theme park will be of world class standards with an innovative and creative approach, thus bringing new modes of recreation and enjoyment, and also making the park visually attractive and interactive at night.

Sanjay Lake is an artificial lake developed by DDA in Trilokpuri adjoining Mayur Vihar II residential area. The lake is spread over an area of approximately 17 hectares (42 acres) and is in the middle of a 69 hectares forest area, also known as Sanjay Lake Park.

The proposed plan includes development of light, sound and water show design for theme gardens, planned open spaces, activities their relationship with surroundings. It shall include lighting for landscape and recreational areas which provides interpretative and educational resource to the public in addition to the value as a tourist attraction. The design of the park will aim at enhancing, through the use of artificial illumination, the quality of green spaces predominantly with soft landscape of grass, trees, planting areas displaying native and indigenous plant species. The use of art, sculpture water features using ‘green’ design principles may also be incorporated if they gel  with the surrounding environment. The development will be responsive to climatic and seasonal variations. Emphasis will be given to build energy-efficient systems and introduce innovative design elements

DDA is also open to the idea of awarding the contract to private entity selected through competitive bidding if the proposal found to be technically feasible and financially viable.

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