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Digitally enabled homes become a reality in Mumbai

Piramal Realty, the real estate arm of the Piramal Group, has set a new benchmark in premium living by foraying into digitally enabled apartments with the launch of DigiSelect Homes across its residential portfolio in Mumbai. These digitally enabled homes will boost the convenience/luxury quotient with advanced technology that will allow homebuyers to control their devices through voice command and app-controlled biometrics.

Some of the features of DigiSelect Home are:

  • Lights controlled by app or voice assistant
  • TV, fan, AC controlled by app or voice assistant
  • Opening and closing of curtains touch-free and automated
  • Live streaming security cameras
  • Main lock will be app- controlled
  • Presence sensors in washrooms
  • Energy saving technology
  • Customisable light scenes

DigiSelect Homes are equipped with advanced energy efficient features that can open and close curtains, customize lights and control room temperatures with app and voice-controlled home assistants. The main lock will have an app-controlled interface, making entering the home keyless, secure and hassle-free.

These homes will also have a dual security camera setup that would live stream the interiors (living room) and exteriors (lobby area outside the door) of your home through a secured app and alert if any movement is detected in your absence. Home security is of extreme importance as it enables homebuyers to keep a keen eye not only on the security of their asset, but also their family. With such cutting-edge technology, future living can be experienced at the convenience of your fingertips!

Piramal Realty has set up an experiential zone featuring voice and app-controlled curtains, lights, morning scene-setting, an automated door lock that can be operated through OTP at Piramal Mahalaxmi, Piramal Aranya and Piramal Vaikunth. The experience zones are set up in a way to showcase the intelligent side of luxury living and give a glimpse of an all-inclusive set-up to today’s potential tech-savvy consumers who are beginning their journey into the future of living.

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