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EDMC to create urban forest using Miyawaki technology

East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) will develop urban forests on vacant land space using Miyawaki technology. An NGO, Green Yatra, will help EDMC in its ecosystem restoration initiative. EDMC has identified a 2,200-sq.m land parcel at Gharoli village near Mayur Vihar Phase III, where 7,000 saplings were planted on Wednesday.

The Miyawaki Method was invented by Japanese botanist and expert in plant ecology, Dr Akira Miyawaki. This Method is a unique innovative Potential Natural Vegetation concept, proven to work worldwide, irrespective of soil and climatic conditions. More than 3,000 forests have been successfully created worldwide using this methodology.

In this method, 3-5 saplings are planted per square meter with a minimum of 20-50 different species, creating a multi-layered green forest with no maintenance required after a 2-3 year period. Miyawaki dense forests grow 10 times faster, they are 100 times more biodiverse, 30 times better noise and dust reduction and have 30 times more green surface area and is 100 organic, Up to 30 times better carbon dioxide absorption as compared to a monoculture plantation.

It may be recalled here that last year between January and September, the Indian Navy, along with Green Yatra, had developed Mumbai’s largest dense plantation to date by using the Miyawaki technique.

EDMA has chosen 26 native species in the right mix to create a four-layered system of shrubs, sub-tree level, tree layer and canopy layer. After treating the soil, plants are packed closely so that vertical growth takes place rather than horizontal growth, eventually creating a mini self-sustaining ecosystem. There will be three-four plants per square metre.

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