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Energy efficient appliances help to enhance power demand

Power demand can be increased through energy efficient appliances, says a report prepared by Smart Power India (SPI), a subsidiary of The Rockefeller Foundation. According to the survey titled ‘Demand Generation Manual for Solar Mini-grid’, the introduction of energy efficient appliances (EEAs) can create numerous benefits for both consumers and energy service companies (ESCOs).

The targeting of basic lighting and conversion and expansion of commercial motors helps ESCO to achieve 30%-35% of the targeted load to make the solar mini-grid sustainable. An additional 5%-10% increase in utilization can be achieved through energy-efficient appliances. Meeting the energy needs of such appliances can contribute up to 40 to 45% of the total demand for electricity of the mini-grid and hence is quite essential.

Energy-efficient appliances (EEAs) are designed to utilize minimum energy to complete the required task. Small and medium households, shops and commercial establishments have low demand for electricity due to limited paying capacity. EEAs help increases the demand for electricity affordably. EEAs consume considerably less energy as compared to the appliances that they replace and help consumers to use more appliances with the same amount of energy, says the report.

According to the report, in the context of solar mini-grid where the cost of electricity is higher than the central grid, EEAs becomes very important in reducing the cost of consumption and reduces generation pressure on the ESCO. Promoting EEAs in a mini-grid is essential because it generates several benefits to both the consumers and the ESCO.

At the village level, the benefits of large-scale adoption of EEAs are immense. The survey shows that if all the households and shops replace their existing incandescent bulbs, fans, and CRT TVs with LED bulbs, energy-efficient fans, and LED TVs, respectively, the village (with 300 household and 8 shops, for example) overall can save 21% electricity usage (and hence expenditure).

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