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Environment-friendly alternative to plywood launched in Chennai

A natural fibre composite (NFC) board which is considered to be environment friendly and a better alternative to plywood has been launched in Chennai. The product, brand named as INDOWUD has been launched by Milam Sales Enterprises Private Limited, a leading trader of carpentry materials, and INDOWUD Polymers Private Limited (IPPL), an innovative panel products manufacturer.

INDOWUD looks, feels, and performs like natural timber or plywood but it is not made of wood. The raw materials of this innovative product are natural fibres, agro residuals, non-toxic thermos and virgin polymers. INDOWUD is also 100 per cent recyclable, making it an environment-friendly alternative to timber and plywood – or particle boards, medium density or high-density fibreboards.

According to IPPL, INDOWUD is functionally superior to plywood as it is easy to drill, screw, cut, saw, and rout with conventional carpentry tools. Further, it is easy to varnish, glue, paint, and polish. INDOWUD does not leave cracking, swelling, warpage or splintering. It is resistant to fire, water, corrosion, decay, molding, fungal attack, and rotting. It shields UV radiation.

INDOWUD NFC comes with superior density – up to 850 KG per Cubic Metre (CBM), whereas the density of plywood is less than 750 KG/CBM. And the density of PVC and HDF are up to 500 and 700 KG/CBM respectively.

INDOWUD NFC has high nail and screw holding strength a feature that counts in exterior and interior furnishing and joinery works that find applications in the terrace, garden, balcony, bathroom, kitchen, pool and seaside furniture, cabinets, wardrobes, partitions, fencing, signage and many more.

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