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Environment in focus in Delhi Master Plan 2041

The draft Master Plan of Delhi-2041, prepared by the Delhi Development Authority, aims at redeveloping the city’s ‘green and blue’ assets, referring to the city’s forest and green cover and its water bodies. The Draft Plan envisages building a sustainable infrastructure that will help the national capital curb local sources of pollution such as dust from construction sites and vehicular emissions. The Plan has been put in the public domain on Wednesday for suggestions. Once approved, the plan will provide policy framework for the development of the city till 2041.

The draft plan aims to minimise vehicular pollution through key strategies, including a switch to greener fuels for public transport and adoption of mixed-use of transit-oriented development (also known as TOD). It also addresses improving the quality of water, which is taken from the Yamuna river as well as various lakes, natural drains and baolis. The draft lays a clear boundary of the buffer zone near the Yamuna river and explores how to develop it. As per the plan, a green buffer of 300-metre width shall be maintained wherever feasible along the entire edge of the river. Some of the highlights of the Plan are:

  • The Plan proposes CPCB-approved dust management plan at every construction site.
  • A tree directory to be maintained by local agencies to protect trees in the city.
  • Plans to allow controlled development in greenbelt villages,
  • Proposes development of green buffer along drains as green corridors.

Continued air pollution seems to have alerted those who have drafted the plan as they have put environmental degradation and mitigating strategies in focus.

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