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Europe’s First LEED Gold Certified City

U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and Green Business Certification (GBCI), the organization that certifies LEED green building projects globally, have announced that Savona, Italy, is the first LEED-certified city in Europe. Savona was awarded LEED Gold certification through USGBC’s LEED for Cities program.

LEED for Cities is a certification program that addresses city planning, development and operations, while also improving life for citizens around the world. The program combines sustainability, social equity and human experience with technology and analytics and is based on LEED, the world’s most widely used program for green buildings and communities.

LEED for Cities provides cities with a framework for measuring and managing the performance of water consumption, energy use, human experience, waste and transportation.

The University of Genoa Savona Campus developed a state-of-the art smart polygeneration microgrid combined with a smart energy building. These strategies inspired city officials to set appropriate low-carbon initiatives that will be instrumental in driving the whole city’s transformation into a low-impact urban center.

When it comes to human experience, the city seeks to guarantee the safety and health of its inhabitants through such tactics as high air-quality standards that reduce risky conditions for the most sensitive population groups and mitigate urban pollution. Also, local police statistics show that the level of crime in the city is close to zero, thus making Savona a safe and liveable city.

Cities pursuing LEED certification are evaluated across 14 metrics, including energy, waste, water, transportation, education, health, safety and equitability. Cities submit data using Arc, the digital performance platform that generates a performance score between zero and 100 reflecting the outcomes of a city’s strategies. Savona now joins two other LEED-certified cities: Washington, D.C., and Phoenix, Arizona.

The European market has seen high levels of green building and business growth in the last several years. This past April, USGBC held the Greenbuild Europe conference in Berlin, Germany. USGBC also launched GBCI Europe in 2017 to facilitate the growth and advocacy of LEED and GBCI’s other sustainability programs. GBCI Europe provides local, on-the-ground support to clients and improves access to GBCI’s sustainability programs and resources.

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