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Fungus mixed concrete can ensure its longevity

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A group of researchers from Binghamton University and Rutgers University have found that fungus has some unique properties and it can be used in concrete to ensure its longevity. According to these researchers, by embedding a fungus into the concrete it can get healing properties. This can be done by embedding spores of a certain fungus, Trichoderma reesei, at the time of making of concrete to give it healing properties which will help to fill the cracks in the concrete.

According to researchers, fungus can stay dormant but alive for months or years without consuming any nutrients. As the concrete grows older and cracks start developing, the spores of fungus get exposed to  air and water, and they become active.

When fungus starts growing inside the concrete, it starts producing calcium carbonate commonly known as limestone, which is used in producing cement and fills the cracks thus preventing the concrete from further degrading. This will extend the lifespan of the concrete structures.

This new technology which is still in testing stage if proved successful can reduce the repair expenses of the concrete structures while extending their life span. It has not yet become clear as to how long the fungus can survive inside the concrete and also the impact of various additives used in concrete on the fungus. Though it is too early to expect fungus filled concrete in the market, if and when developed, the product has all the qualities to disrupt the construction technology.

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