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‘Future is Handmade’ is the design theme for Ambiente 2019   

“Future Is Handmade” is the theme on which design concepts will be developed at the 2019 Ambiente Frankfurt. The themes and design concepts will be curated by Sunil Sethi, President of the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI).

A design arena on the theme of ‘Timeless and Handmade’ will be curated by Jaipur-based designer Ayush Kasliwal and designed with gentle Indian shades, beautifully lit in the format of a design gallery. It will be organised in two parts covering the first Timeless and Handmade section will celebrate everyday crafted objects, some of which are authentic, timeless originals, and second is crafted objects that have evolved to respond to today’s expectations, and relevant to an international audience. Bengaluru-based Sandeep Sangaru who will designing the Cafe concept based on the theme of “Starry Nights’ illustrating the usage of bamboo in his designs.

Messe Frankfurt, the oldest trade fair organiser in the world has nominated India as the partner country for Ambiente 2019. “As the Ambiente 2019 partner country, India will enhance the show with its colourful world of design ideas that combine a great tradition of handicrafts with state-of-the-art visions,” said Messe Frankfurt. The fair has more than 50,000 visitors and participants from over 50 countries — India itself has close to 450 exhibitors. Ambiente 2019 will take place from February 8 to 12 next year.

The other arena which has been accorded to the government to present the Indian design perspectives will be based on the themes of Crafts Forward, Crafts and Perspectives, and Crafts and Industry. The focal point of the worldwide consumer goods market is set on India as the nation gets ready to hold the title of partner country at Ambiente 2019 – the world’s biggest and most important international trade platform for interior decor, dining, cooking, household goods, gift items, jewellery, fashion accessories. This exclusive project will make way for Indian designers and artisans to showcase the best of heritage art and crafts infused with modern design thinking and position India on the world map of design and decor.

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