Garden-tomb at Taj Mahal will be ready by mid-2019

Garden-tomb at Taj Mahal will be ready by mid-2019

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Renovation work of the 16th Century garden-tomb that inspired the architect of Taj Mahal will be completed in mid-2019 and will be open for tourists by then. The tomb has been covered with green net and scaffolding since 2014. The tomb had major structural problems, deep cracks in the crypt, first floor and within the dome. Strengthening of foundation took more time than expected and as a result the project got delayed by 12 months.

Aga Khan Trust for Culture (AKTC) along with Archaeological Survey of India is implementing the renovation work. The renovation work is being undertaken as part of its Nizamuddin area Urban Renewal Initiative.

The tomb was built in red sandstone with white marble inlay. The tomb was believed to had been commissioned by soldier, minister and poet – Rahim, who is widely famous for his Rahim ke dohe for his wife Mah Banu.

Along with tomb, its pathway is also reconstructed with red sandstone, which had stripped off years ago. The entire renovation work is a time-consuming exercise as the intricate plaster works on the tomb’s ceiling had to be meticulously brushed out, layers of dust and cement that was carelessly plastered had to be removed. Further, the pillars of tomb were carved with floral and geometric designs which have been restored. Also, the gardens adjacent to tomb have been replanted. Interestingly, only traditional material has been used to conserve the monument.