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Godavari riverfront in Nashik to be beautified

As part of Area Based development under Smart City Mission, Godavari river in Nashik will be cleaned, desilted and also riverfront will be developed and beautified. The entire project is expected to cost nearly Rs 95 crore.

Goda Garden will be an important part of riverfront area which is a green themed garden. The garden will be developed as a multipurpose park for leisure and recreation of the visitors. Cycle track, walkway, amphitheater and a pavilion with a small eatery are the main components that are proposed to be developed in the Goda Garden. It would offer people many avenues to enjoy the charm of the Godavari River. Construction of entrance plaza consisting of five pillars and gabion signage along with compound wall and railing, security and administration cabins and control rooms are also part of the project. Tree plantation and landscaping with provision of geonet to retain earth on slope and maintain landscape is also planned. Further, construction of arched pavillion or an open air restaurant is also planned.

The narrower extended part of the park will be developed as Walk Area. Construction of Stone pillars and murals to signify the transition from the recreational area of Goda Park to the religious area of Goda Ghats is also on the anvil. Ghat from Sunder Narayan temple to Godavari River is proposed to establish direct visual and physical connectivity of Sunder Narayan temple with the Godavari and reclaim its lost historic character. In addition, a jetty is provided to establish connectivity between both the river banks.

It is also proposed to de-concretize the riverbed in Kunds and Gandhi talao a large pond in the Goda Ghat area. Apart from removing the concrete from the Kund bed, Nirmalya kunds are proposed along the Ghats for Nirmalya visarjan (disposing off the Nirmalaya in a flowing water) to reduce pollution in the river. Beyond the Ghats near Sita Kund, trees are proposed to be planted at regular intervals in movable planters on both the banks. Some Parts of ghat steps are proposed to be reshaped for better functionality without encroaching into the current water course.

The area near the Modakeshwar mandir and at start of the Talkuteshwar Ghats on the Left Bank will be developed as a Ramayan Circuit garden with miniatures of the religious places in Nashik. It is proposed to create miniatures of Ramshej fort, Sita gumpha, Triambakeshwar, Kavani kapal dhara and Tapovan, Kalaram temple, Sita sarovar.

Though the green/landscape forms an integral part of the entire project, it will not be all over the riverfront.  Apart from the landscaped areas, trees will be planted mostly to complement the surroundings and make them more usable from recreational and leisurely activities point of view.

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