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Government has no plans to give 100 heritage sites on lease

The government has dismissed the claim circulating on social media that 100 heritage sites will be given on lease thus putting the matter at rest.

It may be noted that during last few days a post was going viral on social media claiming that 100 historical and heritage sites in India, including Agra’s Taj Mahal would be given on lease by the government. The viral claim has also been carried by a few news websites, saying that the government is planning to earn Rs 25,000 crore by leasing these heritage buildings.

However, a fact check by Press Information Bureau has termed the post as fake and said that no such decision has been taken by the Culture Ministry. The Press Information Bureau launched this fact-checking arm in December 2019, to curb misinformation and fake news prevalent on the internet. It claimed that its objective was “to identify misinformation related to government’s policies and schemes that are circulating on various social media platforms”.

The issue was about to turn out into a major political controversy with the Congress party even attacking the government, saying that people who shouted the slogan ‘I will not sell the country’ are intent on selling and leasing everything in the country today. However, a timely denial by the Ministry of Culture has set the matter at rest.

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