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Government plans 62-storey high-rise for navy

A 62-storey skyscraper is planned in Mumbai’s Colaba, one of India’s most expensive neighbourhoods to accommodate the navy officials. According to the available reports, the government is in the final stages of awarding the contract for the project.

The 190-metre residential high-rise, being built for the Indian Navy, will be the tallest defence building in the country which will come up on a 7,500-square-metre plot, and the construction cost is likely to be upwards of Rs270 crore. The building with 220 apartments is expected to be completed within 30 months of the contract being awarded.

The proposed navy residential complex will have a built-up area of 72,200 square metres and will house officers of the rank of lieutenant commanders to commodores (equivalent to majors to brigadiers). The skyscraper will also have multi-level parking (five floors) to accommodate 224 cars.

Latest construction techniques and materials will be used by the developer in line with a new defence building code, with a focus on contemporary and sustainable living/workspaces with green building standards, including energy efficiency, water conservation and handling waste, improved structural design, maintenance and fire safety, smart metering and multi-level parking.

It may be recalled here that the government had come out with “scales of accommodation – 2022”, the new building code for the defence, a couple of days ago.  The Scales of Accommodation (SoA) defines the authorisation for the construction of facilities for operational, functional, training, administrative, living and recreation facilities for defence services. These scales are applicable to all three defence services and the Indian Coast Guard. The previous SoA was approved by the government in October 2009.

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