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Government to create increased awareness about LHPs

Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs will conduct a series of activities to create wide scale knowledge dissemination and awareness in the country regarding the use of innovative technologies through Light House Projects (LHPs). It may be noted that an Enrolment Module for TECHNOGRAHIS, has been launched which will enable the registered visitors to visit the Live Laboratories at six LHP (Light House Project) sites for learning, consultation, generation of ideas and solutions, experimentation, innovation, and technical awareness.

Mr Durga Shanker Mishra, Secretary, MoHUA has urged the Technograhis to be the vehicle for turning new India. He also encouraged students, technicians, faculty, construction agencies, Central and State governments officials, stakeholders and others to actively participate in the programme. “Let’s enrol ourselves as Technograhis and build a New India,” Secretary, MoHUA, said.

The Enrolment Module will also act as a database to engage the interested candidates throughout the year for different activities related to the Light House Projects and its information dissemination. Five Incubation Centers have been set up under Affordable Sustainable Housing Accelerators-India (ASHA-India) to provide incubation support to identify innovative materials, processes and technology for sustainable construction.

​A Certificate Course on Innovative Construction Technologies, namely, NAVARITIH (New, Affordable, Validated, Research Innovation Technologies for Indian Housing) has also been initiated by MoHUA. The First Volume of LHP E-Newsletter captures the progress of the project at the six sites. It gives an idea about the projects through write-ups and photographs which can be shared with students, faculty, stakeholders and public.

​The Ministry is promoting six LHPs as Live Laboratories for transfer of technology to the field which includes planning, design, production of components, construction practices and testing. The primary goal of making these LHPs as Live Laboratories is to encourage large scale citizen participation and create technical awareness for on-site learning, multi-stakeholders consultation, find ideas for solutions, learning by doing, experimentation and encouraging innovation, thereby mainstreaming the globally identified proven innovative technologies under GHTC-India in Indian context.

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