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Green technology used in PMAY to mitigate 12 MT CO2 equivalent of GHG emissions

Minister of Housing and Urban Affairs & Petroleum and Natural Gas Shri Hardeep Singh Puri has said that more than 16 lakh houses being built under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) are utilising green technologies and this will help in mitigating around 12 million tonnes CO2 equivalent of GHG emissions by 2022. He was addressing an event to mark the UN World Habitat Day 2021 yesterday, with the theme of “Accelerating Urban Action for a Carbon-free World.”

The Minister sad that certified can deliver energy savings between 20-30 percent and water savings of up to 30-50 percent. PMAY prioritised the promotion of low-carbon building technologies through the Global Housing Technology Challenge, wherein six Light House Projects (LHP) consisting of about 1,000 houses each are being constructed.

The Minister also called for promoting new and innovative low-carbon technologies that ensure housing for all, service delivery for all, better mobility for all, and place people at the forefront of sustainable urban development.

Shri Puri said that today’s theme “Accelerating Urban Action for a Carbon-free World” is not only appropriate but also very relevant from India’s context. The increasing global urban footprint makes more energy demands in cities which are already responsible for 78 percent of global energy consumption and 70 percent of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. The Minister said that the climate change makes human settlements vulnerable, especially the marginalised and urban poor, who are exposed to extreme weather events. India was the seventh most-affected country by climate change in 2019, with most of the impact being felt by its cities.

Speaking on the economic and environmental imperatives for Indian cities, Shri Puri said that India’s per capita emission of greenhouses gases is quite low as compared to other developed countries. India’s cumulative CO2 emissions from 1870–2017 is very less- it is only 3%, as compared to the 25% of USA, 22% of the EU and UK, and 13% of China, the Minister said.

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