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Habibganj station gets GEM 5-star rating

Habibganj railway station building in Bhopal which is being redeveloped has recently been awarded GEM 5-star rating for the redeveloped railway station, office building, and staff quarters. Habibganj is the first railway station in the country to be redeveloped via public private partnership mode under the station redevelopment programme of the Indian Railways.

The railway station is designed and built as per green building parameters that will ensure maximum use of natural light, better ventilation, use of recyclable materials, use of recycled water, tapping of solar power, rainwater harvesting environment friendly construction. Sustainable building design and climate conscious approach have been adopted ensuring minimum harm to the environment, while constructing. Use of the building sustainable building design also ensures optimum use of energy, water, natural resources, less waste generation and creates space for healthy and comfortable living, as compared to conventional buildings.

About 70% of the electricity demand will be met by use of solar energy. The Railway station’s total electrical demand is 950 KW, and the solar plant (Photovoltaic cell on Platform shelters) design for Railway is 660 Kw on Resco model.

Rain water harvesting is installed for railway station as well as for staff quarters, construction Office, C&W office, etc. Other water conservation measures like water management though metering, dual flush system, aerated water faucets and water audit are also in place.

Sufficient care has been taken to ensure that material with limiting VOC content for paints, adhesive, sealant and coating are used in the project.

CFC free HVAC, Fire extinguisher and Suppression system used in the project. Recycled material Le Glass, Steel, Ceme (Fly ash based), AAC blocks, Fly ash Bricks, RMC, etc. also used. As far as possible, local material is used to avoid transportations Earth excavated from site is used in the project and balance is given to other construction industry to avoid dumping.

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