Here is a greenest DCB building of India

Here is a greenest DCB building of India

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The 109-year-old Surat District Cooperative Bank will have the distinction of different sorts not relating to its business. The bank will be the first among 370 district banks in India and 18 in Gujarat to construct its new headquarters at Majura Gate on the green building concept. Constructed on 45,000 square feet of area, the new building is completed in just 15 months at a cost of Rs34 crore.

Among other features, SDCB will be the only district cooperative bank in India to have its own solar power generation. The terrace of the building is installed with rooftop solar plant for generating 36 kilowatts of electricity for its in-house needs.

The solar panels have been designed in such a way that the electricity requirement will be met even during monsoon season.The five-storeyed bank building has green patches for gardening at each floor.

The customers will be greeted with a green landscape with lush garden which is located at the entry of the building. All floors have facility of toilets and reception, mineral RO plants for clean drinking water, etc. The entire building has sensor system in place for automatic switches.