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Hotel Associations urge restaurateurs to take fire safety measures

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It took 14 innocent lives at Kamala Mills for the Indian Hotel and Restaurant Association (AHAR) to come out with 14-point circular educating the restaurateurs about necessary fire safety measures to avoid untoward incidents in future. The AHAR circular urges its 8,000 members to act upon the suggestions on a priority basis. In the meantime, the National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) put in place a self-regulatory regime in the interests of boosting safety at the 5,500 outlets that are its members. Restaurants not complying with the exhaustive norms will be de-listed from NRAI and those seeking fresh membership will need to comply with them.

AHAR says circular contains basic and necessary points to be considered at every restaurant. Some of the points in the circular include having adequate firefighting equipment, extinguishers, complying with the norms set up by the chief fire officer, carrying out electrical audit of premises by licenced contractors, maintaining gas pipelines and burners and ensuring that common passages, entrances and exits are not encroached upon by stocking material. The association would also conduct special training on rescue measures for staffers with help of fire officials.

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