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Houses in Telangana to get QR codes soon

The Telangana State government is contemplating implementation of Quick Response (QR) code-based digital door numbering on a pilot basis in some of the Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) across the state. By integrating digital door numbers with property tax, town planning and sanitation departments, all the information can be captured through the QR code. The project would be implemented in some ULBs of Khammam, Narsingi, Sircilla, Nizampet, and Miryalaguda.

Need for DDN is felt because the current address schemes are not intuitive and have no fixed patterns due to various reasons, like consolidation of multiple independent plots into a single plot while building large apartment complexes and corporate campuses or the process by which plots or dwellings are divided further when properties are bequeathed to the next generation. On the other hand, the Postcodes used by India Post in their current format do not address the last mile of delivering to a unique delivery point or dwelling and leaves it to the knowledge of the Postal delivery personnel. This makes the Postal department over-reliant on knowledge accrued over the years by its personnel but has not been able to institutionalize it by leveraging Technology.

The current addressing system has inconsistent format of addressing within the city limits or between cities. Further, Street, Road, Building, Dwelling relations are hard to establish through this system. Also, record keeping is an issue, and needs continuous updating for departments such as Property Tax, Census, Emergency services, etc. There is also an issue of missing digital linkage for the digital age.

Such an initiative has been taken up in New Delhi, Bengaluru, Bhubaneswar, and Vijayawada. With the new system in place, authorities could track whether the local sanitation worker had collected the garbage from a particular house or not. The garbage collector would be given a hand-held device  using which he/she has to scan the QR code after collecting the garbage.

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