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HUDCO completes 52 years

The Housing and Urban Development Corporation Ltd. (HUDCO) which was set up in 1970, has traversed a long journey during these 52 years with a Pan-India network of 21 regional offices and 11 development offices, to emerge as a unique player and market leader in techno-financing of housing and core urban infrastructure projects in our country with the motto of ‘Profitability with Social Justice’.

Cumulatively, at end of March 2022, HUDCO has sanctioned a total of 17,326 housing and urban infrastructure projects with a total loan component of Rs. 2,31,465 crore and disbursement of Rs. 1,93,574 crores (including HUDCO Niwas) to various housing and urban development agencies, facilitating construction of nearly 19.70 million housing units, 6.70 million sanitation units, and over 0.65 million residential plots in different parts of the country, in addition to core urban infrastructure facilities, which were otherwise not catered to by the private sector such as water supply, sanitation and sewerage, solid waste management. The social orientation of HUDCO is reflected in the fact that out of the total housing units sanctioned, over 92 per cent of these dwelling units have benefited the economically weaker sections and low-income groups of the society. This is the single largest contribution of any institution across the world.

In addition to its own business operations, HUDCO has also been playing a catalytic role in formulation and implementation of the various National Housing and Habitat Policies and has become a powerful vehicle for carrying out the mandate of the Government of India flagship programmes and Missions across the length and breadth of the country.

In FY 2021-22 despite economic slowdowns and other adversities HUDCO has achieved a total loan sanction of Rs. 20,663 crores, which is almost 2.25 times of previous year’ sanction of Rs. 9,202 crores; a total disbursement of Rs. 8,887 crores, surpassing the previous year release of Rs. 8323 crores; and sanction of 88,523 dwelling (almost all for EWS/LIG category), which is 7 times more than that of previous year’s sanction of 12,488 dwelling units previous year. As part of capacity building, HUDCO’s HSMI has conducted 21 Online training programs during the year, imparting training to 1450 professionals.

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