Huge potential in India for green products

Huge potential in India for green products

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According to CII Green Products and Services Council Chairman Mr Parasu Raman R India is one of the global leaders in Green Buildings with more than 4,500 projects adopting green concepts with a building footprint of 5.2 billion sq.ft and it is likely to double in the next 5 years. This has created enormous demand for credible green building products.

In India, the market potential for green products, materials and technologies is Rs 18,00,000 crore, he said to unleash the potential, CII has launched GreenPro-Green Product Certification, a first-of-its-kind Eco label for building products in India.

More than 350 products from leading product manufacturers including ACC Cement, Nippon Paints, Saint-Gobain Glass, Asahi India Glass, Godrej Furniture and Visakha Industries, have adopted GreenPro certification and are available in the market, the Chairman said.

CII encourages the developers and builders to adopt Green Procurement Policy and purchase green products for achieving maximum benefits, he said CII also urged Public Works Department to adopt Green Public Procurement Policies.

To create awareness on the policies, Hyderabad is hosting the GreenPro Summit 2018 from April 17- 18. The Conference will have all the key stakeholders from the building sector such as GreenPro manufacturers, Builders, Product Specifiers, he informed.

CII-Godrej GBC Deputy Executive Director S Srinivas, said that Green Building movement in India has facilitated in developing products and technologies which are ecologically superior and economically viable.