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IGBC Green Platinum rating awarded to Kandla SEZ

Kandla SEZ (KASEZ) was awarded IGBC Platinum Rating yesterday. KASEZ is the First Green SEZ to achieve the IGBC Green Cities Platinum Rating for Existing Cities. The recognition is set to pave way for all the other SEZs in the country to emulate the green initiative and efforts of Kandla SEZ.

The efforts of KASEZ team were applauded especially noting the fact that this was accomplished in Bhuj region where water conservation and afforestation are critical interventions. It may be noted that Government of India working towards ensuring environmentally sustainable development through a series of measures and efforts that encompass many Ministries.

IGBC Platinum rating has been awarded for ‘Green master planning, policy initiatives and implementation of green infrastructure’ by CII’s Indian Green Building Council (IGBC).

Compared to the 25,000 trees in KASEZ in 2019, the 1000-odd acres has 3.5 lakh trees. Most of these trees have been planted post 2019, using the Miyawaki forestation method. The planting of trees helped reduce salinity and improved the quality of top soil. Secondly, KASEZ  has built water harvesting systems. The water became less saline and the growth of the trees improved.

Among the various factors, IGBC took into consideration was the usage of worn clothing by KASEZ which is a hub of used clothing recycling industry. To prevent salinity of land from coming into contact with the planted trees, torn clothes are placed in land as first layer before seeding of trees. After seeding, that part of plantation is surrounded by torn clothes which ensures maximum water retention.

Apart from this, KASEZ also used plastic waste to line the artificial water bodies created inside the area to prevent water seepage and mix with the saline water. The SEZ initiatives with solar energy and LED lighting was also among the factors that contributed to the IGBC rating.

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