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IGNCA to function from refurbished Janpath building

Indira Gandhi National Center for Arts (IGNCA) will temporarily function from refurbished Janpath building. Till the time the permanent building of IGNCA is constructed, the center has been temporarily shifted to the Janpath Hotel building.

3 lakh books, 30 lakh manuscripts preserved in micro films, 1 lakh 8 thousand pictures of various aspects of Indian culture in digital medium, 16 thousand shooting tapes, including hundreds of oil paintings, sculptures, masks and other materials have been shifted in a systematic and professional manner to the temporary building at IGNCA. The temporary campus is a 5-storey state-of-the-art office has been built at Hotel Janpath, in which adequate space and facilities for the members of the institute, along with modern equipment, auditorium, studio and amphitheatre have also been established. The work has been done by the Central Public Works Department.

The permanent campus of IGNCA will come up at Jamnagar House on C-Hexagon or the India Gate circle in New Delhi.

IGNCA for the Arts is home to invaluable collections of artifacts, manuscripts, books, paintings, sculptures, and all that reflect the heritage of Indian culture. The IGNCA was conceived as a center encompassing the study and experience of all arts—where each form is complete in itself.

Here in the arts written and oral, creative and critical literature; all the elaborate visual arts ranging from architecture, sculpture, painting, and graphics; performing arts in their broadest sense as music, dance and theatre; and includes fairs, festivals and all those components of lifestyle which have an artistic dimension.

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