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IIM Bangalore plans ‘legendary landmark’ second campus

The Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, is developing a new campus on 110 acres at Mahanthalingapura Village, Anekal Taluk, Bengaluru urban district. The new site is about 25 km from the existing campus and is located on two parcels of land bisected by a road running from north to south. The new campus site will incorporate the philosophy of holistic, multidisciplinary liberal arts education and provide a stimulating environment for academic pursuit and social interaction.

“The campus is envisaged as state-of-the-art and ‘smart’ with the ambience and aesthetics of global standards, blending modernity and local culture.” The landscape design will be planned in such a way to encourage the local flora and fauna and create an appropriate ecosystem. Enough emphasis will be given to water management, energy conservation, waste management, efficient utilisation of materials etc., to ensure achievement of at least 4-Star GRIHA rating. It will be smart-digitally and seamlessly connected campus. The entire project will be future proof with built-in flexibility to accommodate the technical and pedagogical advances in the foreseeable future.

Built spaces will be designed to integrate with the natural slopes and optimising the amount of cutting and filling by placing the built forms at strategic heights and locations and accessible terraces for interactive activities.

The goal will be to build a campus that stands out as a legendary landmark without compromising functionality. It is envisaged that the campus would be state-of-the-art and ‘smart’ with a blend of modernity while reflecting the local cultural heritage.

The design of the individual buildings will consider the local climate conditions and materials and will be in harmony with them. The buildings and facilities will be planned with IT at its core, design of learning and automation systems around it. Intelligent IT systems, intelligent and innovative technologies and modern audio-visual aids that provide seamless and unique learning opportunities for students, faculty, and other stakeholders to connect and collaborate will be incorporated into the master plan.

While the classrooms, the library and other academic buildings will be designed to be equipped with state-of-the-art systems, they will also be bright, well ventilated, well-lit, and usable with a minimum of artificial lighting and forced cooling and ventilation. Every effort will be made to enhance the indoor environmental quality while optimising operational and maintenance practices.

The project holds special significance as its existing campus spread over 100 acres was designed by the celebrated architect B V Doshi in 1983. The current campus of IIM Bangalore won the 17th spot among the ’25 Most Significant Works of Post-War Architecture’, according to The New York Times Style Magazine. The existing campus is a destination and a pilgrimage for students of architecture and practising architects.

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