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IIT Delhi plans new construction & redevelopment inside campus

IIT Delhi has chalked out plans to construct new buildings (academic and non-academic) and redevelopment of some of the existing buildings to meet the increasing demand of the institute. RITES Ltd is the project management consultant for the project which is estimated to cost Rs 700 crore. RITES is now looking out for suitable consultant for architectural services.

The plinth area of the buildings to be developed is nearly 2,00,000-sq.m. New constructions include construction of two new blocks with plinth area of 58,000-sq.m Type C residential quarter block, faculty houses and construction of GH Keshwani building. Three boys’ hostel will be redeveloped and IP Apartments will be developed as boys’ hostel. Further, faculty / staff housing at East campus will be redeveloped into two Girls/Foreign students Hostel.

Academic blocks and hostels will have provisions for basements and buildings shall have a maximum permissible height of 26 meters. The construction work shall be executed through EPC mode.

The layout and design for the buildings shall be done as per Energy Efficient Norms and the National Building Code incorporating structural safety standards. Enough care will be taken to  ensure that the structures being constructed are in harmony with the environment. The buildings to be constructed shall be GRIHA 4 STAR rating compliant. Recycled and green material will be used wherever possible. Also, recycling of wastewater and rainwater harvesting measures will be undertaken.

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