In Singapore, lamp posts will do multi-tasking

In Singapore, lamp posts will do multi-tasking

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More than 95,000 lamp posts in Singapore will be doing multi-tasking from next year onwards. The Singapore government has embarked upon a massive programme to turn these lamp posts smarter than just remain holding the light. These lamp posts will be equipped with various capabilities to enhance the urban comfort and support urban planning. Currently, a “smart lamppost” prototype is being tested for possible uses, to determine the kind of technological capabilities that can be incorporated.

This is part of Singapore’s Smart Nation Sensor Platform project, in which all of Singapore’s lamp posts will be fitted with a network of wireless sensors, to transform them into “smart lamp posts”.

Various types of sensors will be fitted to the lamp posts which will help monitoring and data gathering tasks much easier. For example, environmental sensors could monitor rainfall, humidity and temperature, and noise sensors to detect unusually loud sounds, such as a person screaming or a car crash. Video sensors will be used to incorporate facial recognition systems. Authorities are also thinking of mounting navigational beacons to direct vehicles and speed-trap sensors to track speeding bicycles or personal mobility devices.

However, some activists have already started raising alarm bells about these lamp posts intruding the privacy of the citizens.