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‘India protects only 10k heritage buildings’

According to Ratish Nanda, Conservation Architect and CEO, Aga Khan trust for Culture, India, art and conservation sector still remains under the purview of the Government even after two decades of liberalization. He was speaking at a session on Building India through Art and History. Though the private sector has entered majority of sectors in India in the past 2 decades,  art and conservation sectors are mostly looked after by the government.  “Heritage should be seen as an economic asset where the investments can get a good rate of return. India despite its rich heritage and culture protects only 10k buildings whereas UK protects 650K buildings and USA 1.5 million. There is a need to incentivise heritage and make CSR funds available for investment in heritage,” Nanda said.

Speaking on the occasion, Sanjay K Roy, Managing Director, Teamwork Arts, said that creative industry had been at the heart of India and remains a source of livelihood for  a large number of households. Creativity has also influenced the past industrial revolution and the 4th industrial  revolution will be a new dawn characterised by creative people marrying technology and creating new wealth. The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has created an incredible interest in the Brand India. Indian culture should further be used to showcase our cultural diversity and heritage and promote the Brand India, he emphasised.

Major General (Retd.) L K Gupta, Chairman, Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) stressed on the need for listing and documentation of unprotected heritage, rocks, wall paintings and also the geological  heritage of India. It will be a great step towards protecting and promoting the rich heritage of India.  Major Khan advocated on the need for using CSR funds and this should encourage culture as a social responsibility.

They were participating in the CII Annual Session 2018 in New Delhi on 8 April.

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