Indian Railways to take heritage seriously

Indian Railways to take heritage seriously

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A brainstorming session was organised by the Railway Board to identify reformative measures to promote heritage preservation in Indian Railways. The day-long event was attended by heritage officers of Zonal Railways and Production Units.

About 40 senior level officers from Zonal Railways and Production Units including several retired Board Members and rail enthusiasts attended the event conducted at National Rail Museum. The objective of the session was to create more awareness about the technology and preservation processes of different domains of Heritage of Indian Railways namely Museum Management, Conservation of Built Heritage of buildings, Stations, Bridges etc. including Meter Gauge/Narrow Gauge Sections, Preservation and Digitization of Railway Archives, Management of World Heritage Sites, Collection and preservation of artefacts like equipment, signalling/track items etc., Digital India-Digital Rail Campaign: Digitization and online dissemination of Railway heritage contents to the World etc.

Experts from renowned agencies like INTACH, C-DAC (Ministry of IT), Google Art & Culture, UNESCO, Centre for Heritage Management/Ahmedabad University etc. were present to explain various details of these areas. The sessions as Enabling Event for railway officers, who are mostly not formally trained in the domain of Heritage Preservation, were widely appreciated by the Railway officers.

Recently, at vizainagaram station 117 years old waiting room was restored with heritage flavour in just 4 months. Lime whitewash was removed and stones exposed and polished while heritage lamps and grill were restored to their original style. This may be just an indication of things to come.