iStaging makes floor plan creation easier

iStaging makes floor plan creation easier

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iStaging, a leading provider of out-of-the-box augmented and virtual reality solutions for the real estate and furniture industries, has released a brand-new feature that allows users to create floor plans right from its VR Maker app. Newly introduced floor plan feature which is fully integrated with iStaging’s LiveTour, leverages Apple’s ARKit technology to recognize spaces and provide accurate wall measurements.

Users have to just scan all the walls of a given space and they will be able to produce a floor plan displayed on their instrument. This floor plan can be exported as an image or added to a LiveTour.

The LiveTour is a leading virtual tour solution for real estate properties. Virtual reality is a tool that can be used by all sectors of the realty industry. For realtors, it’s a great way for people to visit open homes any time of the day or night. For property brokers it’s a great way to showcase rental properties. Real estate agents can virtually walk potential purchasers through a property.

iStaging is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan and the company also has satellite offices in San Francisco, Shanghai and Paris.