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Jaisalmer, Jodhpur stones may become global heritage resource

The government is now eyeing for Global Heritage Stone Resource (GHSR) status for the famous yellow limestone of Jaisalmer and pink sandstone from Jodhpur. It may be recalled here that Makrana marble, the white stone used in making Taj Mahal, has already got the Global Heritage Stone Resource (GHSR) status. In fact, Makrana stone is the first and only stone resource from India as well as Asia to get the GHSR status. The yellow limestone and calcareous sandstone are commonly traded as yellow marble and generally used as flooring tiles, wall claddings, counter tops and most importantly as an ornamental stone.

It may be noted here that the Jaisalmer Fort built by limestone and sandstone has been listed as a world UNESCO heritage site. Apart from Jaisalmer Fort, Palace of Maharawal (now Fort Palace Museum), Jain and Lodurva temples, Nathmalji-ki-Haveli, Patwon ki Haveli and Salim Singh ki Haveli and Bada Bag cenotaphs (burial monuments, locally known as chattris) are constructed by yellow limestone and sandstone.

International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS) has a committee on geo-heritage and a sub-commission known as Heritage Stone Sub commission (HSS). HSS makes effort at recognising natural stones from around the world as GHSRs based on their heritage value and international popularity. The First Heritage Stone Conference was held as a symposium within the 2013 General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union in Vienna, Austria in April 2013. The Task Group was upgraded to Subcommission (IUGS Heritage Stones Subcommission) in 2016, at the IUGS EC meeting in Cape Town, during the 35th International Geological Congress.

Two technical researches on the pink and yellow stones have already been completed and proposals have been sent by Punjab University, Chandigarh, to IUGS for accreditation and consideration as GHSR.

Once a stone is GHSR, it can grab the international attention as it is promoted on different international platforms resulting in new research activities and large number of commercial inquiries.

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