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Jodhpur city to be beautified

Jodhpur Development Authority is planning to undertake massive overhauling of Jodhpur city, the second-largest city in Rajasthan, to make it beautiful and reduce traffic congestion. As the city has many palaces, forts, and temples heritage conservation of these historical places will also be taken up as part of the project.

The plan involves upliftment & beautification of roads, junctions, design of looping route & heritage conservation along with facades of building of heritage corridor in Jodhpur city. It involves lane marking, zebra cross marking, road signages, traffic signals, road side badges and much more. Also, important squares like Ahaliya Square, Bhati Square, Ratanada Bazaar, Kabir Square and Eight Pillar Square will be aesthetically improved.

The beautification also aims to solve the congestion and traffic problem at the roads and junctions by re-designing the junctions through proper road designing and planning after conducting necessary traffic survey as per IRC guidelines.

The beautification of roads and surrounding islands along with Façade Development of Shopfronts and Heritage Corridor will have an urban character of Jodhpur Architectural Style and Colours. The design of the Islands and other projects will be done with objective to enhance the tourist footfall creating unique architectural creations as per Jodhpur architecture.

JDA is currently in the process of recruiting a consultant for the project to prepare a detail conceptual plan after conducting detailed surveys, measurement of available land, and verification of data, site conditions and requirement of facilities.

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