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Lack of trained professionals is barrier for green building growth in India

According to the latest report titled ‘World Green Building Trends 2021’ by Dodge Construction Network in association with USGBC, in India the top barrier for the growth of green buildings is the lack of trained/educated green building professionals. In 41% of the respondents this has proved to be the top barrier, says the report.

The survey further reveals that affordability and high levels of corruption are revealed as other barriers for the growth of green buildings in the country with 37% and 33% of the respondents, respectively, citing them as the major barriers.

Non-availability of the professionals is found mostly in India while in other countries like China and Singapore higher first costs is the major barrier for the growth of the industry.

The top metrics being used in Asia to track the critical benefits of green building are lower operating profit (70%), improved occupant health and well-being (48%) and documentation and certification providing quality certification (46%).

Overall respondents in Asia select improved occupant health and well-being as the top business benefit in their markets. This is in contrast to the global findings, in which lower operating costs rank first, although improved health and well-being are highly ranked.

While improved health and well-being also tops the list in China and India, lower operating costs is the top benefit reported in Singapore, selected by 75%. This percentage is notably higher than global average for lower operating costs, which is 66%.

India and China fall far below the global average in the share of those who consider lower operating costs one of the top benefits. A notably high share of Indian respondents (52%) select future proofing assets, far more than the average in Asia of 39% or the global average of 33%.

Interestingly, India has reported high level of use of green waste management (69%) and green furnishings (47%).

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